Starnes: If We Can Spend $40 Billion to Arm Ukrainians, We Can Find the Cash to Arm School Security Guards

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President Biden is leading a national call to crack down on guns. How ironic that the most vocal critics of private gun ownership are individuals who are surrounded by heavily armed, private security teams.

The working theory of the anti-gun crowd is that if we ban AR-15’s then we will effectively ban mass shootings. 

Their argument is flawed. 

Should US put armed security guards at schools?

For starters, there’s no word at this point on what sort of weapons the gunman used in the Texas grade school shooting. What if the teenager had used a handgun or a rifle? 

Would the Democrats advocate for banning handguns and rifles?

The more pressing issue is that public schools are soft targets – especially elementary schools. 

That’s why I believe we should have armed security guards at every school in the nation. Hire retired police officers and military veterans. Same goes for teachers – provided they are law-abiding gun owners. 

If we can send $40 billion to arm the Ukrainian people so they can defend their nation we can certainly find the cash to arm security guards to defend our nation’s public schools.

I’m Todd Starnes