Starnes: Pakistani Lives Don’t Matter in Woke D.C.

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Washington, D.C.’s black police chief doesn’t support trying the two teenage girls who killed 66-year-old Pakistani immigrant and Uber Eats driver, Mohammad Anwar, as adults.

Acting Chief Robert Contee III downplayed the brutal, fatal carjacking that gripped the nation.


“The 15-year-old would not be charged as an adult. You know, obviously, this is a tragic case and, you know, charging this person as an adult [who’s] a juvenile … does not bring back the lost loved one in this case,” Contee told the FOX affiliate.

He added: “Certainly, again, the 15-year-old would not be eligible as a Title 16 case. You know, and it’s not really pointing fingers at anyone, the courts or anyone.”

Responding to the 13-year-old’s involvement, Contee told FOX 5 told it’s just “one of many” for the city.

Black D.C. Police Chief Says Prosecuting Black Teens Who Killed Pakastani Uber Eats Driver ‘Won’t Bring Back the Lost Loved One’

Nationally syndicated radio host Todd Starnes, reacting to the chief’s comments, opined: “So clearly, the life of the legal immigrant did not matter.”

“Justice used to be blind. Well, now it’s not. Now it’s all about color,” the host said Thursday on the Todd Starnes Radio Show,” adding, “in Washington, D.C., Pakistani lives don’t matter.”

D.C. has seen a surge in carjackings over this year compared to 2020.


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