Stop Calling Kansas City Gunmen Thugs, Says Furious Mayor

The mayor of Kansas City is furious after the Missouri governor called the gunmen who opened fire at the Super Bowl celebration thugs.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson told a radio station, “We can’t let some thugs just take over and ruin what happened.”

One person was killed and 22 were injured when two juveniles opened fire on the crowd. To date, the suspects have not been identified. So, technically, they are murderous thugs.

“I have respect for the governor. We get along well,” Mayor Quinton Lucas said. “I disagree strongly with how he would describe that situation. I certainly do think this was criminal activity. It was lawlessness, and I think that that’s troubling. But ‘thugs’ is a dog whistle in the most classic sense.”

His comments are curious because the racial identity of the gunmen has yet to be released.

“I’ve seen this dog whistle time and again. There’s this kind of giant conservative theory on social media now that the reason these mug shots haven’t been shown is because the purported defendants are black, and if it were a white defendant we would have just shown them. That is absolutely preposterous. There are protections to juveniles,” he added.

Even CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz was bewildered by the lack of information coming from police.

“It seems like we are so many hours from the shooting at this point, you’re not announcing arrests,” the reporter told Police Chief Stacey Graves.

And theres’s a simple explanation for that – the shooters were not white.

Any time there’s a mass shooting involving a white gunman, the attacker’s race and identity are immediately made public. And that normally happens within hours of the incident.

However, that information is always withheld when the gunman is a black, illegal alien, Muslim or a member of the LGBT community.

Ann Coulter backed up my argument during an appearance on Bill Maher’s HBO show.

MAHER: I mean, we don’t know who did this shooting, by the way, the Super Bowl.

COULTER: We have some idea.

MAHER: What?

COULTER: If it were a white man shooting, we’d know.

MAHER: Well we don’t know. I mean they haven’t —

COULTER: That’s how we know it’s not a white man. I can tell you that much.

MAHER: You think they were repressing that reporting?

COULTER: They wouldn’t tell us about the, transgender woman that shot up the Christian school for, what, like a year? Oh, San Bernardino out here. Remember the crazy terrorist Muslims? That’s when I first noticed. Hm, they’re not telling us who it is. It’s not a white male.

The longer they go without telling you, it’s not a white male.

MAHER: Well for this one, for right now, as of Friday night, February 16th…

COULTER: We know.

MAHER: We don’t officially know. Okay, you know, you have special powers.

COULTER: We’ll see.

Real Time With Bill Maher

The mayor of Kansas City is upset because the governor used the word “thugs” — suggesting there was some sort of racial intent. The mayor isn’t upset that thugs shot children. He’s not upset that the thugs killed a mother. The mayor got his feelings hurt because someone called a thug a thug. Should we have called them “homies”?

Does the media treat white criminals different than black or transgender criminals?

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