STRANDED: Bus Drivers Refuse to Take Hundreds of Jews to DC March

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Nearly 300,000 people marched in support of the nation of Israel today in Washington, D.C. but the numbers would have been much higher had it not been for the actions of dozens of Jew-hating bus drivers.

There are multiple reports of bus drivers refusing to take Jews or their Christian allies to the rally and many were left stranded at airports. There is also a report that one major Christian university was unable to secure buses to transport students to the march.

And more than 900 participants on chartered flights were stranded at Dulles International Airport when bus drivers walked off the job. They were literally stranded on the tarmac.

“Appalling antisemitism as American Jews and allies fly in to DC to join the protest against antisemitism only to find the bus drivers refused to show up in protests of…wait for it, JEWS,” wrote Jewish writer Emily Schrader.

“Every single one of the employees who refuses to drive buses because Jews were on it should be fired,” she added.

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Video, which you can watch below, shows passengers being told on board a jetliner that their transportation to the march had been canceled.

“The busses that were hired to take over 900 participants from Dulles International Airport to the site of the March failed to appear, delaying the arrival of many or most in our group. We have learned that this was caused by a deliberate and malicious walk-off of drivers. Fortunately, many were able to travel to the march and we are grateful to the drivers of those buses that arrived. While we are deeply dismayed by the disgraceful action, our resolve to proudly stand with the people of Israel to condemn anti-Semitism and to demand the return of every hostage held by Hamas has never been greater. This has been confirmed by the bus company of their bus drivers and what has happened,” the announcer said.

The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit declined to identify the name of the bus company or companies who it says refused them service.

“What I have heard is that some bus drivers taking passengers from another plane loaded people on their buses, and then the driver walked off the buses and refused to drive them to the march,” Rabbi Mike Moskowitz told the Detroit News.

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