TERRORISM? Motorist Slams Car into Pro-Trump Store

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DEVELOPING STORY: Police in Easton, Massachusetts say that a man driving a car adorned with an anti-Trump bumper sticker rammed a store filled with pro-Trump merchandise. Watch video of the attack below.

“Officers discovered that a 2015 Volkswagen Jetta had crashed into the ‘New England for Trump’ store located at the west end of the building,” Deputy Chief Keith Boone said in a statement.

The vehicle was operated by Sean Flaherty, age 46 of Raynham, MA, who was later transported to Good Samaritan Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

Police say that one employee, who had been in the store at the time, was not injured during the attack.

“At this time Flaherty has been charged reckless operation of a motor vehicle and malicious destruction of property,” the deputy chief said.

The driver could face more charges.

“Just before he did that, there was a little boy with his mother shopping right in that spot,” store owner Keith Lambert told television station WCVB. “The clerk was about to go to the bathroom and he would’ve gotten hit. Thank God nobody got hurt, that’s all I can say.”

The television station reports that the Jetta was adorned with several leftist bumper stickers including an image of former President Trump with a Hitler-like mustache.

Not sure why the police need to investigate when there is plenty of evidence that this was a politically-motivated hate crime at the least and an act of domestic terrorism at worst.

Or, perhaps, both.

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