Texas Gov Sending More Busloads of Illegals to Sanctuary Cities; Reports of Tuberculosis Outbreak

DEVELOPING STORY: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced that he is dispatching more illegal aliens to sanctuary cities across the nation. The announcement came after the Biden Administration quietly revealed that 232,972 illegals were stopped at the border in August — an all-time record. The number is up 27 percent from July.

“Additional buses deployed to Eagle Pass are loading up to send migrants to self-declared sanctuary cities,” the governor said. “Texas will utilize every strategy to help our border towns and respond to Biden’s border crisis.”

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The governor’s decision to bus the illegals is hopefully going to provide relief to border towns like Eagle Pass — cities that have been overrun by the invaders.

“Texas is the only one stepping up to deter and repel illegal immigrants,” Abbott said on Twitter. “The Biden Admin literally opened the floodgates in Eagle Pass yesterday. Mexican military and law enforcement are doing nothing.”

Border cities from Texas to California have been struggling to deal with the massive ground invasion.

“The border situation is creating a major strain on resources, and it’s time for action,” said San Diego Supervisor Jim Desmond. “With over 600 street releases a day, without Federal Government resources, this cannot continue. I’ve put an agenda item for our upcoming Board meeting to declare this a humanitarian crisis. We can’t keep accepting thousands into our region when we’re at capacity.”

The Texas National Guard is actively repelling the invaders as evidenced by the video posted below.

Meanwhile, Border Patrol tells Fox News there are three confirmed cases of tuberculosis among illegals in the El Paso sector.

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