The Russians Know American Grannies Have Guns

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STARNES: All right. Let’s go to Ronnie, North Carolina, WSIC.

RONNIE: Well, Mr. Starnes, about something you said earlier. First off, I think people living in America don’t appreciate what they have, And I don’t think they would come together the way they did during World War Two. So I’m not so sure we would really have a really strong military if we had to really put it to use. However, our enemy needs to realize that our Second Amendment was our first home, and if they come over here, they’re going to have a whole lot more than they can handle.

STARNES: Well, I would hope that would be the case, Ronnie. You know, there is a survey out there. They interviewed Democrats and 60% of Democrats say they would not fight if the U.S. was actually invaded. So you’ve got Cubans or Mexicans coming into the country, you’re going to have the Democrats running to Canada.

RONNIE: Well, that’ll just leave us more land when it’s all over.

STARNES: Oh, there you go. Look, Yeah, I think we would be able to repel an invasion only because just about every grandmother in the Deep South is armed and knows how to use her cast iron skillet and her pistol. So I think we’ll be doing alright.

RONNIE: There would be a patriot behind every tree, I promise.

STARNES: No doubt about that. Yeah, they’re going to have a hard time. In the South and the Midwest, I think we can take care of business. Yeah, we’ll help out the folks that don’t have guns, which mostly are the Democrats. But think we could take an invading country. Ronnie got to skedaddle.

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