‘THEY ARE TRYING TO STEAL THE ELECTION’ – Trump Calls on Americans to Protest

President Trump is calling on Americans to protest voting issues in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Detroit, Michigan.

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“Reports are coming in from Arizona that the Voting Machines are not properly working in predominantly Republican/Conservative areas. Can this possibly be true when a vast majority of Republicans waited for today to Vote? Here we go again? The people will not stand for it,” the former president wrote on Truth Social.

Do you have concerns about voter integrity?

“People of Arizona: Don’t get out of line until you cast your vote. They are trying to steal the election with bad Machines and DELAY. Don’t let it happen,” he added.

As many as 20 percent of the vote tabulation machines have failed in Maricopa County, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

“Only Republican areas? WOW! Kari Lake, Blake Masters, and all others are being greatly harmed by this disaster. Can’t let this happen, AGAIN,” Trump wrote.

However, Maricopa election officials say it’s nothing nefarious — they say it’s just a malfunction.

Arizona officials in Maricopa County on Tuesday said that roughly 20% of their polling sites were experiencing “issues” with tabulation machines just hours after Election Day polls opened.

“Unfortunately we’ve had some hiccups with about 20% of these tabulators,” Chairman to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Bill Gates told Fox News.

Gates said an issue has arisen when people attempt to run their ballots through the tabulator and are unable to successfully do so as their ballots are being spit back out at them.

Gates said technicians were working to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Fox News

Video posted on Twitter shows voters being turned away from a polling place in Mesa, Arizona.

And the same thing reportedly in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Trump also said there were concerns about absentee voting in Detroit.

“People are showing up to Vote only to be told, “sorry, you have already voted.” This is happening in large numbers, elsewhere as well,” he wrote. “Protest, Protest, Protest!”

However, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson refuted the president’s claim.

“Hi again,” Benson wrote. “This isn’t true. Please don’t spread lies to foment or encourage political violence in our state. Or anywhere. Thanks.”

Ms. Benson should get her facts straight. The former president called on people to protest, not riot.

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