‘Thugs and Criminals Have Upper Hand in Memphis’ – Enraged Business Owner

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Criminals may be morally depraved, but they are not stupid.

So when the new progressive district attorney in Memphis, Tennessee announced bail reform – the bad guys celebrated like a kid on Christmas morning.

They knew they had just been given a “get out of jail free” card.

Sure enough a man was arrested for trying to cash a forged check the other day. When the police arrived the forger told the cops, “Just take me to jail so I can bond out. I ain’t got time for this.”

Since the beginning of the year, more than 7,000 cars have either been stolen or carjacked. Small business owners have been targeted by roving gangs of looters.

One family-owned business has been hit a number of times. Last year – 15 people were charged with burglarizing Buster’s – a liquor store. Of those 15 – all but two were set free. They were hit again over the weekend.

“Thugs and criminals now have the upper hand in Memphis and they know it. As the “Revolving Door” and “Slow-Walking” judicial system is abhorrent,” the owner wrote on Facebook.

Democrats treat criminals like they are victims and victims like they are criminals.

Elections have consequences, folks.

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Good lord, this has got to stop! There have now been over 100+ separate liquor stores burglaries in the last 16 months!

Thankfully, nobody was hurt with yesterday’s early morning burglary. And we sincerely appreciate the outpouring of support, concern for our employees, and disgust with all this crime sweeping our city.

In posting, we not only speak for all our fellow wine & spirit retailers in Memphis, but for all retailers including clothing, drug, jewelry, auto-dealers, and numerous others who have all become victims of this MASSIVE RETAIL CRIME WAVE that’s hit our city (and country) the last few years. It’s truly sad and unreal.

1-800-BOARDUP, LANDMARK CONSTRUCTION EMERGENCY SERVICES, and BINSWANGER GLASS are numbers every retailer in this city now know by heart. And we highly suggest FRASE SECURITY ARCEYE DEFENSE, DILLARD DOOR SECURITY, LSI SECURITY LAMINATES, FEDERAL ALARM, DATACOMM SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS, and BLACKFLAG ARMED SECURITY. All of them offering different solutions that work well in respective capacities and we appreciate all their efforts to protect our establishment.

Still, we must do more to harden our store further and we’ll be addressing that.


Please know we have great faith in our men & women in blue who WILL undoubtedly catch these perpetrators; as they did last year arresting all 15 individuals who burglarized our store on election night just hours after our new DA celebrated his victory directly across the street. Of those 15 arrested then, two are still in jail on unrelated federal gun charges, however, the rest are out on bond and continue to commit these crimes as repeat offenders.

As with all elections, it is only fair to give any incoming elected official the opportunity to assume their new role and time to work the office. But that time has now come and gone; as our elected officials and judicial system are failing the citizens of Memphis miserably and we demand to see more positive results.

Thugs and criminals now have the upper hand in Memphis and they know it. As the “Revolving Door” and “Slow-Walking” judicial system is abhorrent. Our courts are overwhelmed with the backlog of cases and criminals are simply gaining the system knowing there are not enough resources, beds, and jail cells to manage them all. How do we even begin to catch up?

This includes Phil Trenary’s murder case nearly five years old despite a mountain of evidence, witnesses, and supporting video surveillance. Phil was our Memphis Chamber President and “City Champion” for Christ’s sake. It’s utterly appalling! His poor family whom have left Memphis altogether have been waiting to return for their court case to seek justice. This should be court case priority #1.

Until our prosecutors and judicial system hand out more swift, harsher, and meaningful penalties as a strong deterrent, then this behavior will sadly continue. Plain and simple, and we all know it.

We love our city and we aren’t going anywhere. But there are many smaller businesses suffering greatly, who can’t afford to be victimized continuously. Some, whom have already closed their doors for good.

Elected officials, law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges – Your city is literally crying, begging, and imploring you to get handle on this crime and soon. This lawlessness must stop!

The Hammond Family

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