TITLE 42: It’s Not an Invasion, It’s an Occupation

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Title 42 is set to expire this week and the nation is bracing for a full-scale invasion.

An interesting side note about the crisis at our southern border.

In 2019 I announced on my national radio show that when a large group of people from one country crossed another country’s border without that nation’s approval — it was called an invasion. Countries used to fight wars over that sort of breach.

At the time I was in the middle of contract negotiations with Fox News Channel. They had made me an offer, which my agent had then counter offered.

During the negotiations, the National Hispanic Journalism Association fired off a nasty letter to Fox threatening all sorts of chaos unless I was given the heave-ho. A few days later, Fox notified my agent that they were cutting off negotiations.

It turns out the word “invasion” had been triggered the NHJA.

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The Biden Administration has decided to open the floodgates – and by some estimates as many as 400,000 illegal aliens a month are expected to cross the border.

Should the military use force to secure the southern border?

El Paso seems to be ground zero – where downtown streets have been turned into tent cities. But every border town will be overrun.

And soon – those illegals will be wind up in your towns and your neighborhoods. Overwhelming our schools, our healthcare system, and law enforcement. Your tax dollars supporting an untold number of criminals.

Illegals first, Americans last.

By the end of his first term in office, as many as 12 million illegals will have crossed the border. At that point it will no longer be an invasion. It will be an occupation.

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Meanwhile, El Paso has been completely overrun.

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