Trump: Georgia DA Wanted to Indict Anybody Breathing

A judge in Fulton County, Georgia released the grand jury’s final report on former President Trump and it’s clear to me that this is nothing more than a politically motivated witch hunt. 

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It turns out the plan was to indict 39 people including Senators Lindsey Graham, Kelly Loeffler, David Perdue and former Trump associate Michael Flynn. 
But District Attorney Fani Willis settled on targeting President Trump and 18 others – accused in a plot to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.  
So a radicalized district attorney – a partisan – whose father was an afro-centric Black Panther – a DA who was out to get President Trump – has weaponized her office to take down the America First movement. 

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“It has ZERO credibility and badly taints Fani Willis and this whole political Witch Hunt,” President Trump wrote on Truth Social. “Essentially, they wanted to indict anybody who happened to be breathing at the time. It totally undermines the credibility of the findings, and badly hurts the Great State of Georgia, whose wonderful and patriotic people are not happy with this charade of an out of control “prosecutor” doing the work of, and for, the DOJ. ELECTION INTERFERENCE!”
What’s next – arresting the 74 million Americans who voted for President Trump?
And yet the Republican governor of Georgia – Brian Kemp – refuses to take any action to remove Fani Willis from office. Republican lawmakers like State Senator Colton Moore have called for an emergency session of the legislature to defund and investigate the Fulton County District Attorney’s office. But Governor Kemp refuses to do so.
Seems to me the governor and Ms Willis would’ve felt right at home in the old Soviet Union. But again – what’s happening in Georgia is not about the rule of law. It’s about settling old political scores.
As the late Charlie Daniels would say – the devil went down to Georgia – and got elected to the district attorney’s office. 

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