TRUMP: ‘If You Rob a Store, You Can Fully Expect to Be Shot’

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President Trump will stop the looting and violence in American cities using brute force if necessary, he vowed in a wild speech to the California Republican Party.

“Under the Trump Administration, we will bring back law and order to California,” he said.

“I will protect our country and we will restore public safety,” he promised. “We will immediately stop all of the pillaging and theft.”

Then, Trump dropped the hammer.

“If you rob a store, you can fully expect to be shot as you are leaving that store – SHOT,” he declared as the crowd erupted in cheers.


“And everything will immediately stop and you won’t have any more of that,” he said.

Trump also said he planned to unleash law enforcement so they can do their jobs.

“We have the greatest law enforcement in the world, they know exactly what to do but they aren’t allowed to do it by incompetent politicians,” he said. The word that they shoot you will get out in minutes and our nation in one day will be an entirely different place. There must be retribution for theft and destruction and the ruination of our country.”

Trump continued, “When the police are allowed to do their job – and that means sometimes shoot them – this will stop immediately. Immediately.”

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