VIDEO: Mob of Violent Predators TERRORIZE Elderly Chicago Man

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A violent mob surrounded a white motorist’s car in Chicago over the weekend. Video, which was posted on social media, shows the terrified man locked inside while the mob jumped on the roof and hood of his car.

Watch the video below.

It’s unclear what set off the angry mob. Video shows them scattering into the night when a police officer arrived.

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Had a police officer not arrived, the motorist would have been faced with a life or death decision.

Should he allow the mob to pull him out of his car and beat him in the streets or should he hit the gas?

Social media erupted — mostly with outrage over the horrifying encounter.

“Savages terrorizing a terrified elderly man,” is how popular Twitter user John Cardillo described the scene.

“He would have been justified in thinking his life was in danger and gunning the car right through those idiots, so they’re very lucky,” one Twitter user wrote.

What would you do if your car was surrounded by a mob?

“Buy. Guns. And. Ammo,” wrote another. “Only a matter of time before these savages come for you and your family.”

And another suggested, “Hit the gas and put my truck into four wheel drive. My skid plate will protect the underside of my truck.”


Some mob supporters took issue with conservatives calling out the savage-like behavior of the crowd.

“You can tell when somebody has been so desperate to call black people savages and the serotonin release when somebody like you finally gets to let it out. Must feel like Christmas. Go f*** yourself bitch,” wrote leftist Cameron Kasky.

Perhaps the best advice is to pack up your belongings, sell you house and move to a part of the Untied States where lawless and godless predators don’t prowl the streets looking to quench their bloodlust.

I’d recommend Montana or South Dakota.

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