WATCH: NBC Deceptively Edits 911 Call, Ohio Police Officer’s Bodycam Video to Take Out Knife

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“NBC Nightly News” omitted key details from a report on the police-involved shooting of knife-wielding Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio.

Media Research Center news analyst Nicholas Fondacaro called out NBC News for editing the frantic 911 call in which a woman is heard saying: “It’s these grown girls over here trying to fight us, trying to stab us. Get here now!”

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Fondacaro also points out NBC News failed to show viewers the portion of the bodycam footage where the “knife is in the attacker’s hand just before the shots.”

Many on social media slammed NBC for the biased report.

Jack Posobiec said NBC did the same thing to George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer cleared of murdering Trayvon Martin.