Video Shows Sickening Behavior at Chattanooga Drag Show

Parents in Chattanooga, Tennessee are horrified after video surfaced of a so-called “family-friendly” drag show at the Wanderlinger Brewing Company. The video shows a small child stroking the private parts of a person dressed like a Disney princess.

The “child-friendly” event included a “princess meet & greet,” along with a drag queen story time and a so-called “family-friendly” drag show.

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Supporters of the drag queens blasted critics — accusing them of being intolerant homophobes.

“Right-wing nutjobs should just stay in their churches,” said one defender. “This is nothing more than a talent competition and no different than a beauty pageant.”

Most of the city seemed to disagree with that assessment.

“This is a crime,” said one observer.

A number of people wondered why a brewing company would host a drag show for underage when they won’t even allow people under the age of 21 to access its website.

“You need to be of legal drinking age to visit our website,” reads a warning on the brewing company’s page.

The provocative performance was part of Chattanooga Pride Youth Day.

Should Children Be Barred From Drag Shows?

“So we now just stand by and let establishments host drag shows for all ages,” one astonished resident wrote on social media. “We let children watch kink/stripper style dancing and call it gender affirmation? We have breweries/bars host events for Youth watching these events who will no doubt encouraged by parents to hand dollar bills to adults removing clothing items and shaking their bums in thongs?”

Hundreds of Chattanoogans took to social media to express their disgust and horror that any adult (male or female) would allow a child to touch his private parts.

“I’d like to see how the crowd reacts if a normal dude is onstage and has a little girl rub his crotch. But throw a dress on him and it’s ok,” wrote one outraged woman on Facebook. “The fact that a grown adult, no matter what they’re wearing, would allow a child to stroke their private area is beyond disgusting.”

And some longtime customers said they will never return to the brewery.

“This is so infuriating,” one customer wrote. “I have been a mug club member and loved this brewery. I have messaged them that I will never come back. I encourage my local friends to never walk in Wanderlinger and support a place that exposes kids to this disgusting practice.”

Another wrote, “Drag queens dancing in front of children or anyone for that matter is disgusting and should be banned. I hope you change your wicked ways or lose a lot of business.”

It’s unclear if the Chattanooga Police Dept. will launch an investigation into the incident.

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