Video: Teen Thugs Brutally Attack Cops in NYC Subway

Two New York City cops were brutally beaten by teenagers trying to hop turnstiles inside a subway station. The entire incident was captured on video, which you can watch below.

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NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell on Tuesday condemned the incident and alleged one of the suspects had recently been arrested in an unrelated incident.

Should teens who attack cops go to jail?

“The assault on our officers in the subway is another example of individuals emboldened by a system that, just days ago, immediately released one of them after being arrested for robbery,” Sewell said in a tweet on Tuesday.

Sources told NBC New York he was arrested in 2021 for possession of a loaded gun.

The attack is just one example of the violence officers are facing, NYPD Transit Chief Jason Wilcox told television station WPIX.

“We have seen over a 55% increase of assaults on officers this year,” Wilcox said. “The majority of these assaults began as they were engaging persons who have committed fare evasion or other quality of life violations on the trains and stations.”

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In a statement to CBS News, the police union president said in part, “Cops are putting ourselves on the line to make the subways safer, but we are feeling abandoned by a justice system that won’t back us up.” 

The far-left district attorney’s office was less than open about what would happen to the teenagers.

“The prosecutor’s office said that they agreed to send the case to family court as soon as possible, “where he would receive the age-appropriate interventions and supports he needs while being held accountable,” NBC New York reported.

This is what happens when parents and politicians teach kids to hate law enforcement. You need to watch this video to understand what police officers have to deal with on a daily basis.

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