VIDEO: Thug Sets American Flag On Fire, Nearly Burns Down Patriotic Family’s House

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Police are searching for a thug who set fire to an American flag causing heavy fire damage to at least two houses.

“Some absolute drain on society that apparently hates the United States decided to light the flag out front of my parents’ house on fire, causing the whole front of their house to catch fire and part of my brother’s house next door with my two young nieces inside,” Robert Stewart, Jr. wrote on Facebook.

Surveillance video shows a man lighting the flag on fire and then casually walking away. The fire then engulfed the entire front of the house.

“The front of the house is trashed,” Stewart wrote.

Employees of Nick’s Roast Beef happened to be driving by and saw the fire. They jumped out of their vehicle and pounded on the front door — alerting Mr. Stewart’s elderly parents to the blaze.

Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire before it caused further damage to the houses.

Watch the video surveillance below.