Violent Teen Mob Attacks U.S. Marines in California

Three U.S. Marines were attacked by a violent mob of teenagers near a pier in San Clemente, California.

Video, which you can watch below, shows the wild animals brutally beating the off-duty Marines after they were told to stop lighting fireworks on the beach.

“This is considered an assault with a deadly weapon because of the amount of suspects we are investigating,” Orange County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Frank Gonzalez told CBS News. “The weapons that were used were their feet while these victims were on the ground. So, regardless if the victims choose prosecution or choose medical attention the sheriff’s department is going to investigate this to the fullest and try to determine who the suspects are.”

Here’s how the Orange County Register reported the incident:

The video, from Friday, May 26, shows the two Marines in the center of a group of 15 or more teenagers who are punching and kicking the two victims. At some point in the video the two victims were on the ground in the fetal position when a couple comes in to break up the fight.

According to an Instagram post from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department deputies arrived on scene where victims refused medical treatment.

Orange County Register

Hunter Antonino told KCAL News that they were “stomped on” and “beat up” by the circle of assailants. 

San Clemente Mayor Chris Duncan said the timing of the attack on Memorial Day weekend was “particularly tragic.”

“Marines are always welcome here, always going to be celebrated, always taken care of,” he told KCAL.

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