Walgreens to Shutter Store in Crime-Ridden Area, Lawmaker Screams Racism

Drug stores across the nation have been targeted by smash and grab robbers. The crimewave is so bad that many stores have had to put most of their merchandise behind locked doors. And many others have had to shut down.

Walgreens in Roxbury, Mass. is one of the stores shutting down. And that has Rep. Ayanna Pressley (a member of AOC’s Squad) in a tizzy. Watch her remarks below.

“Shame on you, Walgreens,” Pressley said in her speech. “Having a website with talking points about health equity and underserved communities is not enough. Walgreens is a multi-billion-dollar corporation that needs to put their money where their mouth is and stop divesting from black and brown communities.”

Pressley said flat-out that Walgreens was committing racism – completely unaware that Walgreens does not have a constitutional obligation to go out of business.

“These closures are not arbitrary and they are not innocent,” Pressley said in her speech. “They are life-threatening acts of racial and economic discrimination.”

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The Democrat congresswoman said the Roxbury community’s population is more than 85 percent black and brown.

In 2021 a Walgreens security guard was injured when he tried to stop shoplifters. Six women brutally attacked the guard.

Maybe Pressley should consider directing some of her anger towards her constituents who are robbing Walgreens blind.

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