WAR ZONE: 10 Shot, 4 Dead in Democrat-Controlled Memphis

DEVELOPING STORY: At least 10 people were shot and four people were killed during a violent weekend in Democrat-controlled Memphis. Among the dead and wounded are several children.

One of the most high-profile shootings took place outside a restaurant in the popular Harbor Town Square, a well-to-do community located along the banks of the Mississippi River.

Three men, armed with rifles, reportedly opened fire at Tug’s Casual Grill. Police believe it was an attempted robbery gone wrong. Diners described a terrifying scene as the bullets were flying.

“We were outside on another patio when this happened. Kudos to all the staff,” one eyewitness wrote on social media. “This has to stop … we saw children running past terrified. My mother , who is visiting from England, is traumatized.”

Witnesses told television station “two off-duty Texas police officers who were attending a wedding across the street heard gunshots and ran to the restaurant to neutralize the situation.”

Memphis Police say the person who was shot was dropped off at a fire station on North Second Street. He was pronounced dead at Regional One Hospital.

Investigators say the dead man was involved in the incident at Harbor Town Square. So far, police have not released any details or descriptions on the suspect or a possible motive — other than to say it was an attempted robbery.

However, one eyewitness said three men armed with rifles ordered everyone to get down because they were looking for a specific person.

“Someone was targeted and returned fire, before running into the kitchen,” the eyewitness said.

Memphians are enraged over the massive crime wave — believed to be one of the worst in the nation.

Unfortunately, Memphis is controlled by radical, anti-cop Democrats along with a district attorney who is advancing a controversial bail reform plan. In other words, the Democrats are pro-criminal, not pro-victim.

“I’ve spent my whole life defending this city,” another witness said. “I can’t anymore. Doesn’t help that my car was stolen less than two weeks ago and was broken into two other times within the last year. All here in Harbor Town. I’m over it.”

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