WATCH: Good Samaritan Beats Living Daylights Out of Thief in Hollywood

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A Good Samaritan chased down a thug who brutally suckerpunched an elderly diner at an outdoor restaurant in Hollywood. This is what toxic masculinity looks like, America.

Surveillance video, which you can watch below, shows the suspect dressed in black casually walk by a table outside a restaurant. Suddenly, he punches an elderly diner and steals the man’s wallet.

Another diner saw what happened, jumped up and chased the suspect down the street.

God bless Toxic Masculinity!

“For half my size, that dude was strong,” the unnamed Good Samaritan said.

Surveillance video shows the man slamming the bad guy into the asphalt where they wrestled for several minutes. Two females also came to the rescue. One of the women literally stood on the thug’s legs to prevent him from moving.

“I love seeing a punk get humiliated and laid out in the street… tasting asphalt as he continues to struggle, realizing he’s failed at everything, including this,” one observer noted on Twitter.

“Well done, sir (and ma’am),” another wrote.

And many ladies on social media were more than happy to see a man behaving like a man — instead of a pajama boy snowflake.

“‘Hero’ is right,” one woman wrote on Twitter. “So awesome to see a man stand up and fight back! Great job dude!! The girl was awesome too.”

Some local residents feared that the Good Samaritan might face charges from the city’s progressive district attorney.

“It’s worth noting that if a cop did exactly what this man did, a lot of people would see it as ‘excessive force’ and he could potentially be disciplined or even charged with a crime,” one Twitter user wrote.

That it happened in Hollywood — now that’s surprising — and impressive.

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