WATCH: Nearly Two Dozen Worshippers Drag UNMASKED Man From Church

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A bizarre scene disrupted inside a Washington State Catholic church after an unmasked man was dragged from the sanctuary by other worshippers, television station KIRO reports.

The terrifying incident occurred Sunday during mass at St Francis Cabrini Catholic Church in Lakewood. Neither the church nor the police will say if the man’s mask status had anything to do with the incident.

A priest recognized the man sitting in the front pew and ordered him to leave because he was violating a trespassing order.

The man refused and then jumped onto the platform and confronted the priest.

Video shows nearly two dozen parishioners rushing to protect the priest. They literally dragged the suspect out of the building by his hair.

Television station KIRO obtained a letter to the congregation written by Pastor Paul Brunet.

“The events leading up to this unfortunate incident began last month,” Brunet writes. “After an initial pastoral appointment with (name redacted), his behavior has worsened and become less predictable. He has engaged in a course of abusive and threatening conduct, directed not just at me but towards the parish and school staff. Under the circumstances, the parish and school had no other choice but to obtain a ‘No Trespass’ order from the Lakewood Police Department against (name redacted). He chose to disregard this order when he appeared at Mass yesterday.”