WATCH: Raging Gun Battle Sends Diners Scrambling in Memphis

DEVELOPING STORY: It was a terrifying scene Sunday evening in East Memphis when a gun battle erupted in the parking lot of Huey’s on Poplar Avenue. Watch exclusive video below.

The popular local restaurant chain is located in a wealthy Memphis enclave.

“Right around the corner from my house,” wrote a resident. “Nowhere is safe anymore! We need to take back the control of our city!

Memphis police say an off-duty officer came across as many as four thugs who were trying to steal a Dodge Charger.

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The thugs opened fire and the officer returned fire striking at least one of the suspects. The suspect is in critical condition and the others are still on the run.

Eyewitnesses posted their stories on social media – along with photos of cars struck by bullets.

“How terrifying,” one person wrote. “This city is just out of control!! Bring in the National Guard.”

One woman was having dinner with her husband inside Huey’s when “the restaurant went into chaos.”

“I was locked in the freezer with other patrons,” the eyewitness wrote on social media. “A huge shout-out to the manager and employees of Huey’s who really took care of everyone getting people under tables.”

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The shooting happened just hours after two people were shot in broad daylight on Beale Street.

“Out of control Memphis,” one person wrote. “This is getting so bad.”

“The law abiding citizens are being held hostage,” another wrote. “What will it take for this administration to open their freaking eyes and see what they have created.”

Unfortunately, this is what happens when the voters of Memphis elect soft-on-crime leaders. The city has been controlled by progressive Democrats for generations.

And most recently voters tossed a tough-on-crime district attorney out of office. The new district attorney is styled after George Soros and favors leniency for criminals.

Many residents are either packing up and moving or fortifying their personal safety measures.

Shooting today on Beale Street. Another tonight at Huey’s on Poplar.

“All I can say is that I’m not going to be a victim, and you shouldn’t either,” one resident wrote on social media after the shooting. “The second amendment isn’t about hunting.”

Do you support the Second Amendment?

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