Why Hasn’t FBI Raided Homes of Terrorists Who Firebombed Pro-Life Centers?

The following is a transcript of Todd’s radio commentary.

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As many as 30 heavily-armed FBI agents raided the Pennsylvania home of a well-respected pro-life author and Catholic leader.

Mark Houck was shackled – held at gunpoint in front of his wife and their seven terrified children. 

He was accused of shoving a pro-abortion activist who had confronted his 12-year-old son. 

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The incident happened last October. A civil case against Mr. Houck was thrown out of court. 

So why did Attorney General Merrick Garland send a small army to arrest an American citizen on what was basically misdemeanor?

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade there have been dozens of attacks on pro-lifers. Churches have been vandalized. Pregnancy centers have been firebombed. 

Just the other day an 84-year-old pro-lifer was shot in Lake Odessa, Michigan.

Lake Odessa, MI — On Tuesday, September 20, one of our local volunteers from Lake Odessa was shot while going door-to-door in her community to have conversations about Proposal 3.

The 84-year-old victim said that she was shot in the back/shoulder while leaving a residence during a heated conversation, and that the man who shot her was not a part of her conversation. The victim does not know the identity or motive of her shooter. The victim is still recovering from her gunshot wound and wishes to remain anonymous while the criminal investigation proceeds.

The case is being investigated by the Michigan State Police, who will forward the investigation’s results to the Ionia County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. We have no more details to release at this time.

Right to Life

And not once has the Biden Justice Department dispatched FBI agents to bring those criminals to justice. 

I reckon they’re too busy raiding the homes of Trump supporters, parents who complain about radical school board policies and pro-life parents. 

I’m Todd Starnes.

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