‘You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!’ Black Lawmaker Calls For Riots

A black Tennessee lawmaker is calling for riots after the Tennessee General Assembly passed a pro-police bill that would prohibit local governments from banning routine traffic stops. Had a white Republican made such a comment, they would’ve already been arrested and charged with insurrection. Watch below after the ad plays.


“It is a slap in the face,” said an enraged Sen. Charlane Oliver. “Yes, we are emotionally charged.”

Oliver is a radical, leftist Democrat from Nashville. And she issued a call to arms after the anti-crime, pro-police legislation was passed.

“Yeah, we’re going to fight. Dr. King said the riots are the language of the unheard,” she said. “You ain’t seen nothing yet. If you keep silencing us like this, what do you think our district gonna do? We have had it up here. Gloves off. Like, we’re going to fight like hell. You don’t expect us to respond?”

State Sen. Brent Taylor, a tough-on-crime Republican, introduced the bill after the Memphis City Council ordered police to no longer pull over motorists for the following traffic violations:

  • Cars with expired registration within 60 days of expiration.
  • When a temporary registration permit is improperly located but still clearly displayed.
  • When the registration plate is not securely fastened, but is clearly displayed.
  • When a single brake or headlight is inoperable.
  • Cars with a loose bumper.

The legislation “takes the handcuffs off police and puts them on criminals,” Taylor said.

“I won’t stop fighting to pass legislation to tackle our crime problem, and I have more bills to present in the coming weeks, but I can’t do it alone,” said the conservative lawmaker.

Memphis has become one of the most deadly and dangerous cities in the nation mostly because of local policies that prohibit the police from doing their job. The police department is also woefully understaffed.

The majority black city, which is ruled mostly by black Democats, blames most of its problems on white Republicans.

“Don’t tell me this stuff ain’t racism. Don’t tell me it’s not. It is rooted in racism. This was a Jim Crow bill that Taylor brought and all his confederates voted for it today,” Oliver declared.

Oliver was apparently ignorant of the fact that the Confederates and the people responsible for Jim Crow laws were members of her own party. As was the KKK.

The bill will become law if Gov. Bill Lee, a Republican, signs the legislation.

Should police be allowed to pull over motorists for routine traffic stops?