Do You Have a ‘Funeral Pie’ in Your Freezer?

The following is a selected chapter from “Our Daily Biscuit: Devotions With a Drawl.”

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Velma Haley’s “Funeral Pie”

(Shared by Sarah Cannon)

My dear friend (and fellow Memphian) Sarah Cannon’s aunt Velma Haley was notorious for keeping “funeral pies” in her freezer.

So what in the name of Paula Deen is a funeral pie?

Well, it’s this recipe for Velma’s pecan pie. The pies freeze well, so she always kept some on hand in the freezer to take to the after-party when there was a funeral.

But that wasn’t Velma’s only use for this pie. When neighbors had a party and Velma wasn’t invited, she had her plan ready. Imagine the scene: cars are parked up and down the street in the neighborhood, and it’s evident that the Smiths are having a party—one to which Velma didn’t receive an invitation.

So, Aunt Velma would whip out a funeral pie from the freezer, go to the neighbor’s house, and ring the doorbell. When Mrs. Smith came to the door, Velma would say, “I saw all the cars and thought someone must have died, so I made you this pie.” And all of a sudden, Velma would receive an immediate invitation to the party.

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