Franklin Graham, Mike Huckabee Endorse ‘Our Daily Biscuit’

Franklin Graham and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee are among the evangelical leaders endorsing a new book written by Todd Starnes and Michelle Cox.

“Our Daily Biscuit: Devotions With a Drawl” is a collection of inspirational, encouraging and hilarious stories about Americans living out their faith and values across the fruited plain. The book also includes recipes collected from Todd’s listeners and readers.

Gov. Huckabee called it a “buttermilk biscuit for the soul.”

The Billy Graham Library is hosting a special book signing for Starnes and Cox on July 31st. Click here for details.

Brian Bird, the executive producer and co-creator of Hallmark’s “When Calls The Heart,” had high praise for the book.

“Southerners are known for many things. Their charm. Soft drawls. Fine cooks. Amazing (and sometimes over the top) stories. And a deep and abiding faith. Todd Starnes and Michelle Cox feature all of those things in their new devotional book, Our Daily Biscuit: Devotions with a Drawl. (Even if you aren’t from the South, they’ll still welcome you into the family). So pick up a copy today. You’ll laugh, wipe tears away, draw closer to God, and even find some recipes from those great Southern cooks. What could be better than that?” 

Click here to order a signed copy!

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