13-Year-Old Student Berated by Teacher for Wearing Pro-Police Thin Blue Line Mask

A substitute teacher yelled at a middle school student for wearing a Thin Blue Line mask, which he said is the “new Confederacy flag.”

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Lucas Lillar, 13, was in math class at Lyman Gilmore Middle School in northern California when the teacher sat behind him and started provoking him over the pro-police image.

“That’s not the American flag that’s the new confederacy flag,” the teacher said in footage recorded on a cellphone.

Lucas wears the mask because his father and stepmother are members of law enforcement and he wants to support them.

“I never had someone talk to me like that, yell at me in my face, especially a teacher,” Lucas told CBS.

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The school’s principal, Lyman Gilmore, said the substitute teacher will not be able to teach at the school again.

His mother, Amanda McCallum, is livid.

“I was extremely angry and heartbroken, that this…that he had to deal with it,” she told the outlet.

The district said it is investigating the situation.