College Probes Professor Who Opposed Trans Surgeries for Kids

Sacramento City College launched a “full investigation” into a math professor who spoke out against transgender surgeries and hormone therapy for minors, per a Daily Wire report.

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After the college sent an email to faculty promoting a Sacramento State University symposium titled “The Ethics of Providing Healthcare,” math professor Robert Crawford responded by slamming medical professionals who advocate transgender treatments and surgeries for minors.

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Crawford wrote, “We should stand against castrating boys and we should imprison any doctor who cuts off healthy girls [sic] breasts. This is an evil that we should all be against.”

The professor added, “No child fantasies about being the opposite sex/gender should be entertained. For Christs sake, stop this madness.”

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Other faculty members pushed back against Crawfords remarks. One unidentified individual who works in the sociology department asked the professor to explain how the children “know they really are the opposite gender” in an attempt to justify transgender treatments for children.

“They’ve never had the body of the opposite gender so how do they know this? I’ll wait….” Crawford’s colleague wrote.

Crawford responded by blasting the faculty member, claiming they are “a double agent parading as a union rep.” The math professor added that the woke faculty member pressured people to take the “pseudo vaccine” and abandoned those who were fired for non compliance with the school’s vaccine mandate.

“I suggest we vote for new leadership that isn’t compromised by his/her own Leftist/tyrannical ideology,” Crawford remarked.

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The college responded to the situation by launching the investigation into Crawford, justifying it by saying they have to take “discrimination and harassment” allegations “very seriously.”

Kaitlyn Collignon, the college’s communication and public information officer told local media that the college commenced, “a full investigation into the incident and communications in question, and will take all appropriate steps to protect the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff.”

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The investigation did not seem to hinder Crawford from standing up for his beliefs.

When asked for comment by local media, the professor stated, “Feel free to publish my comments as they are. I stand behind them 100%. God is my witness and judge in this life not the latest fashions.”

He added, “I am called to speak up for the innocent and defend them.”

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