College Conservatives Evacuated from Event After Radical Leftists Shut It Down

Leftists shut down a Young Conservatives of Texas at the University of North Texas event called “Criminalize Child Transitions.”

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Is the Left tolerant anymore?

Jeffrey Younger, the featured speaker, made the news in the summer of 2021 when he fought against the transition of his eight-year-old son James. James’s mother fought to transition James from a boy to a girl, despite Jeffrey being against it. Younger is now running for Texas House with one of his main issues being outlawing children transitioning. 

The event that the Young Conservatives of Texas held was interrupted by radical leftists in a video. The activists interrupted Younger from speaking and were chanting, “f– you facist.”

The Criminalize Child Transitions event resulted in getting shut down.

The conservative group had to be evacuated from the event due to there being an even bigger crowd outside screaming threats at them.

One of the members of the Young Conservatives of Texas, Kelly Neidert posted on her personal Twitter: 

“A week after getting death threats & getting 17k signatures on a petition to expel me, I had an event where I had to be rushed out of the building for my safety. Antifa cut me off and I was forced to hide in a janitor closet with the lights off while antifa searched for me.”

The Young Conservatives of Texas at The University of North Texas posted on their social media that more footage would be posted soon:

“Footage of @kelly_neidert of our chapter being evacuated from our event. The evacuation didn’t work and she was hidden in a janitor’s closet in a nearby building until it was safe to leave. More footage will be posted later.”

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