Historic Private School Bans ‘God’ From Motto

New York City parents are outraged a $60,000-a-year, all-boys private school is scrubbing God from its motto in the name of all that is woke.

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The Collegiate School’s 17-person special task force released a 400-page report after three years to change the motto and the mascot, which was voted on by 3,000 members of the school community.

“This community worked diligently to design a process that was inclusive of our community, fully aware that a change such as this would garner a range of reactions,” school leaders wrote to parents.

The Latin phrase “Unless God, then in vain” is getting replaced with “Wisdom, Community, Kindness,” according to an announcement from the school last week.

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And the mascot, the “Dutchman,” is getting a makeover to avoid feelings of exclusion and a Eurocentric look.

The K-12 school, which has been around for almost 400 years, formed the task force to “combat within Collegiate the institutional and other racism that pervades so much of our society.”

“A lot of folks think the whole thing was just ridiculous overkill,” a parent told The New York Post. “Four hundred pages? For a mascot? A motto?”