Ivy League Prof Promotes ‘Mass Suicide’ to Solve Population Issues

A Yale professor suggested Japan’s elderly population should participate in a “mass suicide” for the sake of the younger generations in the country.

Yusuke Narita, who teaches economics, advocated for euthanizing Japan’s elderly in an interview with the New York Times.

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“A Yale economics professor has some ideas for how to deal with the burdens of Japan’s rapidly aging society. The ‘only solution,’ he said, is mass suicide of the elderly, including ritual disembowelment,” the Times wrote in a Twitter post promoting the story.

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Times’ reporters Hikari Hida and Mokoto Rich defended the professor, saying his words were “taken out of context.”

The journalists said Narita was referring to “a growing effort to push the most senior people out of leadership positions in business and politics — to make room for younger generations,” per a Fox report.

Narita also walked back his radical comments.

The New York Times added that the professor informed the publication that he does not use the words “mass suicide” or “seppuku” anymore when discussing the topic. Narita called his usage of these words “an abstract metaphor.”

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Apologies and excuses did not seem to be enough to gain the forgiveness of critics on Twitter. Conservatives and liberals alike slammed the professor for his comments.

Stephen Kinsella, a professor at the University of Limerick, called Narita a “lad looking for attention.”

“Having read the piece, the headline should be: Lad looking for attention to advance his career uses deliberately inflammatory language and walks that language back immediately once he gets a bit of notice. End of,” Kinsella wrote.

Even Mehdi Hasan, a radical leftist reporter from MSNBC, seemed taken aback by Narita’s suggestions.

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Hasan posted the story on Twitter with the caption”Sorry, what? What??”

Townhall columnist Phillip Holloway slammed the professor, captioning his post of the story with “Yale Economics professors go first.”

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