Oklahoma School Board Fires 6 Teachers Over Mask Mandate

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Half a dozen teachers in Oklahoma were unanimously fired Wednesday by their district school board for refusing to wear masks.

“Shame on you!” supporters of the educators chanted.

The teachers, five of whom were tenured, are fighting back with a lawsuit against the Oklahoma City Public Schools.

Superintendent Sean McDaniel recommended all six teachers be fired for “willful neglect of duty and moral turpitude,” The Oklahoman reports.

The teachers’ lawyer, Black Sonne, slammed the district for politicizing the issue while the state faces a teacher shortage.

“It was not about the mask. It was never about the mask. It was always about the rule of law,” teacher James Taylor told Fox News on Friday.

Teacher Grace Trick, who is from Argentina, told the outlet she was shocked by the firing and “never thought this would happen in the United States of America.”


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