Oregon Teachers Fired for Opposing Trans Bathroom Policy

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Two Oregon educators were fired for their “traditional Christian worldview” and not conforming to the “radical Leftist LGBTQ agenda,” their lawyer told the Todd Starnes Show Friday.

Assistant Principal Rachel Damiano and science teachers Katie Medart were fired last Thursday from North Middle School, accused of using school facilities to work on a political campaign, in this case, sending an email to conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.

The educators believed students should use the restroom corresponding to their biology and Domanio told host Todd Starnes she sent the email to Shapiro from her personal email and only copied her work address.

“To be put on leave or to be fired for ideas that we brought was concerning for us, especially as educators and especially as part of the system that is supposed to be teaching students why America is great,” Damiano told host Todd Starnes, “and we feel like this does not show students why America is great.”

Her attorney from Pacific Justice Institute Brad Dacus said the pair just wants to be treated equal to other teachers who are not censored or punished for expressing their views.

“They’re being clearly screened out selectively,” Dacus said, adding that their speech did not impact their work. “This is solely about the exercising of their free speech rights on their own time and in their own capacity as private citizens. No citizen of the United States surrenders their constitutional First Amendment rights when they start to work for any government agency and they do not have to comply with the ideology of whoever their boss is in that state government agency.”

He added: “What we see more and more is a very intolerant attitude by the radical Left…it’s one of silence, vilify, and destroy. That is what they’re trying to do to these two educators and that’s why we at Pacific Justice Institute are not only representing them, we’re willing to represent anyone like them anywhere in the United States where they’re dealing with this kind of bigotry and discrimination.”

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