Superintendent Defends Radical ‘Sex Work’ Speaker in High School Class

An Ohio superintendent is doubling down on his decision to bring a speaker to a high school class who calls herself an “anarchist bimbo” and posts on social media about sex work.

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Dr. Trent Bowers defended the decision to host the guest to Fox News, saying she was there to speak about homelessness.

“A school principal was in the room during the discussion and there was nothing presented to students like is being presented in social media online,” Bowers added.

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The anarchist speaker, Elizabeth Blackburn, was a guest in Worthington Kilbourne High School’s “U.S. Political Thought and Radicalism” class on Oct. 19. Fox reports the class is an elective that is only offered to seniors.

The course’s description says it, “examines political thought in the United States of America from the extreme right to the extreme left and beliefs beyond the traditional political spectrum.”

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Blackburn tweeted about the event calling it an awesome experience.

“I spoke to Worthington Kilbourne Politics and Radicalism classes today, a presentation titled ‘Solidarity: the Case for Camp Shameless.’ It was such an awesome experience, I can’t wait to read what the students write about it,” per a screenshot from Libs of TikTok.

In Blackburn’s Twitter profile, she calls herself an “anarchist bimbo” and a “fat activist.” Her profile also includes a link to a Twitter page for sex work.

Bowers told Fox the school has been offering the elective course for decades. Additionally, he called the attention surrounding Blackburn’s social media “unfortunate.”

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He continued, “Worthington Kilbourne recently had a speaker who focused on activism for the homeless population. That speaker’s social media is drawing attention and unfortunately people are not taking the time to understand that by nature the speakers in this elective only class will be radical.”

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