Texas Teacher Refuses to Remove Black Lives Matter Signs in Classroom

An English teacher in Texas was reportedly placed on leave after refusing to take down visible signs in her virtual classroom supporting Black Lives Matter and a rainbow flag after some complaints by parents.

As I wrote in my new book, “Culture Jihad,” many public school classrooms have been turned into left-wing indoctrination centers. Click here to read “Culture Jihad.”

Talyor Lifka, a teacher at Roma High School, told the Texas Tribune that she had set out to personalize her classroom since students were forced to take classes remotely. She told the paper that after she refused to take down the signs, she was told that she was placed on leave.


“I never really thought that that was going to be their first step,” she said.

The Roma Independent School District said in a statement obtained by KXXV.com that its action was not meant to be a punishment “but was purely driven by a need to review the circumstances and come to a sound resolution for all persons involved.”

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Lifka, who said she would not return to the virtual classroom without further action of “how this is going to change in our community.” The station reported that an online petition in support of the teacher had 40,000 signatures.

The petition aims to “let the school district know that inclusivity and acceptance are not taboo ideas that deserve censorship; that high school students can and should be allowed to discuss the realities of the world instead of being sheltered inside a sanitized bubble.”


Ah, if only it was so simple.

It would be interesting to see the reaction of the petition’s signees if Lifka committed the mortal sin of putting up a MAGA sign or Blue Lives Matter flag in the background. Surely some topics that would not work in the “sanitized bubble” of learning the Democrat orthodoxy. Lifka has not been universally supported.

I warned you that this type of persecution was coming to America in my new book – Culture Jihad. Click here to read the book. 

The station reported that Marian Knowlton, a Republican who is running for a district seat in the state House, said the posters were another example of how schools are radicalizing young people. She called the posters the latest example of “leftist indoctrination.”

The report said Knowlton eventually deleted the post due to harassment online.

Lifka reportedly said that the school district warned her that if she puts the signs back up, she opened up the school district for potential lawsuits. A lawyer in the city told KXXV that he cannot think of a claim that could be used in the case.

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