School District Investigating Veterans Day Presentation for Being ‘Too Political’

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A Veterans Day presentation at a Utah elementary school is being investigated after parents complained it was “too political.”

An educator, who is also a veteran, shared his experiences with youth at Dry Creek Elementary School in Lehi Monday, but his presentation troubled the school district.

“He explained to the kids the reason that we have veterans and people in the military, and that’s to protect our country from bullies,” teacher Katie Sanberg told FOX 13 News, showing images of Adolf Hiter, Kim Jong-Un, other dictators, and modern bullies.

“Hitler’s just a history thing and there’s just a lot of political heat, I think, around the ‘present-day’…and the people who we don’t agree with how they run their country,” she added.

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He also pointed out “many college students think socialist/communist ideas sound appealing,” adding, “Talk to someone who has escaped from a socialist country, ask them about how corrupt the government is, how they control your life, how they harm and kill innocent citizens.”

The teacher added: “If we don’t teach our students the truth about our Constitution, they will end up slaves to bullies.”

This upset parents.

“We’re just kind of concerned that there’s some pictures shown that were of some Communist leaders who are Asian,” Taylor Roberts, whose wife is Korean, told the outlet. “Our son’s Korean so he came home and said, ‘Oh, he’s Korean like me.’”

The Alpine School District called it an “unfortunate,” “concerning,” isolated event that is being investigated by school and district administration, adding that “district policy prohibits political advocacy.”

And the school’s principal, Patrice Worlton, emailed parents Wednesday about “inaccuracies” shared about the content of the Veterans Day assembly.

“We want to reassure you that the education and safety of your students is our top priority,” Worlton said. “Moving forward, we have put appropriate protocols in place for our assemblies to keep them age appropriate and politically neutral. We especially appreciate the dedication of our veterans and everyone who participated in the assembly. Thank you for supporting us in the wonderful things that are happening at Dry Creek.”


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