VIDEO: Pizza Hut Sponsors ‘Anti-Bias Antiracist’ Indoctrination in Classrooms Across the Nation

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A radical and controversial Critical Race Theory training is coming to a school near you to combat “racist teaching,” sponsored by Pizza Hut and First Book.

“Empowering Educators Digital Series on Race & Racism,” a partnership between the pizza company and the education non-profit, is the latest woke indoctrination being pushed on elementary school-aged children.

Allison Dempsey, a 5th-grade social studies teacher in Brooklyn, explains part of the method in a video.

“Racist teaching and learning is upholding the systems and sort of like the classroom hierarchy,” Dempsey said. “Inquiry-based learning challenges that model because the children guide the learning.”

She then asks her students: “What is the dominant culture? What does the dominant culture do?”

One student tells her that the “dominant culture” makes “people believe certain stereotypes about certain groups of people, not just blacks, also browned [sic] or indigenous, anybody who’s skin color is darker.”

Another student responds: “Dominant cultures for powerful people with power and white people make other people think that black people are bad, so that’s why black people don’t have … power.”

And another student said, “If a white person kills a black person, they call it self-defense. But if a black person kills a white person, it says murder. That’s how fair like black people’s life is.”

“They actually knew it. They actually said everything,” the teacher said with a smile on her face.


A recording from August 2020 was uploaded by American University’s Antiracist Research and Policy Center for teachers to use as “courageous conversations about race and social justice,” the Post Millennial reports.


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