Virginia School Board REVERSES Superintendent’s Vaxx Mandate After Teachers Resign

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A school board in Richmond, Virginia has decided not to discipline staff members who refused to get the mandatory jab. This, after at least 29 teachers resigned this week over the policy.

In a 6-3 decision Monday, Richmond School Board prevented Superintendent Jason Kamras from withholding paychecks or terminating staffers that refused the shots, if those individuals agree to weekly COVID testing provided by RPS. On November 1st, the Superintendent’s office began docking pay for people not in compliance.

Prior to Monday’s vote, Kamras stood by his decision to mandate COVID shots.

“A mandate isn’t a mandate if there are no consequences,” Kamras said in an article on Richmond.com. 

In August, Kamras said he was not considering weekly testing because it would not raise the vaccination rate. Still, 2nd District School Board Member Mariah White said this week that docking someone’s pay is not going to incentivize them to get a COVID shot.

“How does that help anyone? Taking someone’s pay. That doesn’t make them want to go and take a COVID shot.”


“This is a good first step in bringing some semblance of common sense back to Richmond Public Schools (RPS),” says Jeff Katz, talk radio personality for Richmond-based WRVA. 

Pointing to recent Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) tests, Katz says just 35% of RPS students in grades 3 through 8 showed proficiency in Reading.

“Only 10% of those same students were proficient in Mathematics,” says Katz. “While there are RPS schools lacking books, basic supplies, staff members and accreditation in some cases, the current Superintendent has focused on advancing a left-wing political agenda which includes removing School Resource Officers.”

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