Why Is School District Trying to ‘Normalize Sexual Activity’ in MATH HOMEWORK?

A Missouri man is raising the alarm about a mathematics assignment that discussed sexual abuse and prostitution.


Should math teachers be teaching sex ed?

Conor Martin posted photos of the controversial assignment on Twitter for the Troy R-3 School District.

“Last night my wife brought to me a picture of MATH HOMEWORK, pictured below, from a student that she was tutoring that is in the Troy R-3 School District,” Martin said Monday. “Clearly this is not math homework, but an attempt to normalize sexual activity to our students behind the backs of parents!”

One of the questions reads, “Angelou was sexually abused by her mother’s ____ at age 8, which shaped her career choices and motivation for writing,” with options “boyfriend,” “brother,” and “father.”

Another question says, “Trying to support her son as a single mother, she worked as a pimp, prostitute and _____,” with options “Bookie,” “Drug Dealer,” and “Night Club Dancer.”


Martin added, “We must fight to protect the children of our county from the normalization of prostitution, sexual abuse, and other sexual activities! I’m not sure how this ‘content’ got to our conservative county, but I will fight to ensure that it doesn’t stay!”

He shared a petition titled “Protect Lincoln County Students” to “Oppose Promoting Sexual Activities in our Schools.”

“Conversations of a sexual nature are meant to be had between parents and their children,” it reads. “The school district and it’s staff going behind the backs of parents and exposing children to sexually explicit content is reprehensible.”

The petition calls for any faculty, staff, volunteers, or elected officials promoting the materials to be removed from their position.

“We stand firmly with Lincoln County parents and children, and oppose any promotion and normalization of sexual activities in our schools,” the petition concludes.

The district, which is celebrating Public Schools Week, is seeking “safe” bus drivers and “highly motivated” substitute teachers.

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