Dave Chappelle Attacked on Stage at Hollywood Bowl

Dave Chappelle was brutally attacked onstage at the Hollywood Bowl during his “Netflix Is A Joke” show Tuesday night in front of a stunned Los Angeles crowd.

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Video posted on social media showed a man storming the stage and plowing into the 48-year-old comedian.

Were audience members right to beat up Chappelle's attacker?

Chappelle reportedly just told the audience how he had more security because of the cancel culture mob that went after him for his jokes about the transgender community.

“It was a trans man,” he joked to the audience after the incident.

ABC journalist Stephanie Wash tweeted, “LAPD confirm to KABC they responded to an incident at the Hollywood Bowl around 10:45 p.m., and a man who was reportedly armed with a gun and a knife was taken into custody.”

When Chappelle returned from out of view, he told the crowd alongside Jamie Foxx, “I’ve been doing this 35 years. I just stomped a [n-word] backstage โ€” always wanted to do that.”

Buzzfeed reporter Brianna Sacks tweeted that at least 10 people beat the “sh-t” out of the alleged attacker.

Other footage shows the suspect being taken out with what appears to be a badly broken arm.

“What is really surreal about this is that Chapelle talked about Chris Rock and the slap/new reality facing comedians/having more security with him and his wife being worried about him now. He did a whole bit about a crazy man coming to his house and chasing him down in his car,” Sacks tweeted.

After Chappelle’s own incident, Rock, who also performed a set, came back on stage and grabbed the mic alongside Chappelle and joked, “Was that Will Smith?”

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