‘Friends’ Show Co-Creator Apologizes for All-White Cast, Offers Reparations

The creator of the popular ’90’s TV show “Friends” recently apologized for not including more white characters in the show. Here’s Todd’s take on the white privilege crisis:


STARNES: [00:49:48] Also, theblaze.com breaking the news about “Friends.” Have you heard about this story? This is terrible. So, Grace, did you watch Friends? [00:49:58][9.9]

[00:49:58] (“Friends” theme song plays) [00:49:58][0.0]

Did you watch "Friends?"

BAKER: [00:49:59] Yeah, I love this song. [00:49:59][0.8]

STARNES: [00:50:00] Oh, you like “Friends”? I love “Friends.” We should try doing this in, like, Shelby Farms Park. We’ll bring like a couch with us. Is this where you clap? [00:50:11][11.8]

BAKER: [00:50:11] There it is! [00:50:11][0.0]

STARNES: [00:50:13] Hold on, Nope, I think I did it wrong. Whoops! oh, we all have to sing along here at the chorus. [00:50:23][10.2]

TODD AND GRACE SINGING: [00:50:26] I’ll be there for you. [00:50:28][1.6]

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STARNES: [00:50:32] Sing out loud, America. [00:50:33][0.8]

BAKER: [00:50:36] It’s catchy. It’s a great show. [00:50:38][2.5]

STARNES: [00:50:39] No, it’s not. No, no, no, no. It is not a great show. [00:50:42][3.0]

BAKER: [00:50:43] It’s a wonderful show. [00:50:43][0.0]

STARNES: [00:50:43] No. [00:50:43][0.0]

BAKER: [00:50:44] It’s one of my favorite shows. [00:50:44][0.4]

STARNES: [00:50:45] No, Grace Baker, according to theblaze.com, shame on you for watching “Friends.” [00:50:49][4.5]

BAKER: [00:50:51] What did I do wrong? [00:50:51][0.6]

STARNES: [00:50:51] By the way, when did that show air? It was like back in the nineties. [00:50:54][2.3]

BAKER: [00:50:54] Yeah, it ran ten seasons. [00:50:54][0.0]

STARNES: [00:50:57] So everybody’s old now. [00:50:58][0.8]

BAKER: [00:50:58] Oh, yeah. [00:50:58][0.2]

STARNES: [00:50:59] And are they still friends? [00:51:00][1.1]

BAKER: [00:51:01] I don’t know. That’s a good question. [00:51:02][1.5]

STARNES: [00:51:03] Frenemies? [00:51:03][0.0]

BAKER: [00:51:04] Frenemies, maybe. [00:51:04][0.5]

STARNES: [00:51:05] Could be. Anyway, the creator of Friends is very embarrassed. Now, you say, why, pray tell, is he embarrassed? [00:51:12][7.3]

BAKER: [00:51:13] It’s a successful show. [00:51:13][0.7]

STARNES: [00:51:14] Actually, it’s a woman. Sorry, I just assumed it was a man. [00:51:18][4.2]

BAKER: [00:51:19] Wow, Todd. Wow. Todd, I need the buzzer for that one. You’re canceled, buddy. [00:51:27][7.4]

STARNES: [00:51:27] Marta Kauffman is very upset because it turns out there were no black friends on the show. And there were no Asian friends. [00:51:38][10.2]

BAKER: [00:51:39] Gosh. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Ross dated an Asian lady. I remember this. [00:51:46][6.7]

STARNES: [00:51:46] I’m not sure that counts [00:51:46][0.4]

BAKER: [00:51:46] They dated for a while, and she was pretty involved in the show. She was a nice character, but, you know. [00:51:52][5.3]

STARNES: [00:51:53] I don’t know. Did they have any blacks on the show? [00:51:54][1.9]

BAKER: [00:51:57] I’m thinking. [00:51:57][0.2]

STARNES: [00:51:58] So, Marta Kauffman says she’s embarrassed by the lack of diversity on the show, and she’s putting out a $4 million donation to make amends for her demographic sins. [00:52:10][11.6]

BAKER: [00:52:11] I don’t think money’s going to fix that, honey. [00:52:13][1.5]

STARNES: [00:52:14] She said, “I’ve learned a lot in the last 20 years.” She was doing a Zoom interview. “Admitting and accepting guilt is not easy.” What was she charged? Was she arrested for a crime? [00:52:24][10.4]

BAKER: [00:52:24] I don’t think anyone’s ever said anything. I mean, it was just, it’s a long time ago. [00:52:28][3.9]

STARNES: [00:52:29] “It’s painful looking at yourself in the mirror. I’m embarrassed that I didn’t know better. 25 years ago.” Kauffman said that the protest against the death of George Floyd opened her eyes to the presence of racism of society. “I knew then I needed to course correct.” You know, the only solution here, Grace Baker, is to immediately take “Friends” off the air forever and burn all the copies so that no one will ever, ever have to be triggered by watching four white people or five white people. How many white people are there? Six white people, good Lord. It’s like a Klan rally on a couch. [00:53:10][41.1]

BAKER: [00:53:11] Yep. They’re always on the couch. [00:53:12][0.9]

STARNES: [00:53:13] Or dancing, were they the ones dancing in the water fountains? [00:53:15][1.2]

BAKER: [00:53:15] Yes. Yeah. splashing around. [00:53:16][1.2]

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STARNES: [00:53:18] That was illegal. You know what’s been in that water? Especially in New York, that’s where the homeless people bathe, you don’t want to be dancing in somebody’s bathtub. So anyway, she’s now apologizing. Oh. Oh, this is interesting. One of the show’s stars, David Schwimmer, responded to criticism about diversity in 2020. You know what he said? Oh, I don’t care. [00:53:40][22.4]

BAKER: [00:53:41] Okay. Yeah, that’s Ross. [00:53:44][2.3]

STARNES: [00:53:46] He said, “The truth is also the show was groundbreaking because they talked about casual sex, protected sex, gay marriage and relationships.” Yes, but skin color trumps all those other things. [00:53:57][10.9]

BAKER: [00:53:57] His character was married to a lady who then said, Oops, I’m a lesbian and left him. [00:54:04][6.5]

STARNES: [00:54:05] Oh, really? [00:54:05][0.4]

BAKER: [00:54:07] Yeah that’s how the show started. [00:54:07][0.4]

STARNES: [00:54:14] He also said that he pushed for his character Ross to date nonwhite characters on the show. But isn’t that a regular complaint among the minority community that their women are dating white dudes? So I just I’m just saying. [00:54:27][13.1]

BAKER: [00:54:29] That’s the thing. The creator of the show, I doubt, was in charge of all the casting choices like lady chill out. I think sometimes people just like to make it look like they’re so holy. So they’re like, look at me. I’m taking all the responsibility. [00:54:41][12.3]

STARNES: [00:54:43] You know? Wait a second. We’ve got three white people on our show, but you’ve got red hair, so. [00:54:48][5.4]

BAKER: [00:54:49] Oh, I’ve got Marlow. [00:54:52][2.6]

STARNES: [00:54:53] Oh, and she’s black and white. Oh, she’s biracial. I love it. I knew we were a diverse. [00:55:00][7.1]

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