‘I FEEL HEALED!’ Movie-goers Praise Karen Kingsbury’s Faith-Based Film

Christian novelist Karen Kingsbury, who invested millions of dollars of her own money to produce the recent “Someone Like You” film, said the movie has been a smashing success met with audience reactions of love, humility, and changed hearts.

“The audience score has been through the roof. We’ve had the highest audience score of any movie in theaters since we released,” Kingsbury told The Todd Starnes Show on NEWSMAX. “The most incredible, difficult, challenging, and exciting thing I’ve ever done creatively.”

The faith-based film debuted in theaters on April 2.

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“Something just shifted in my heart … I feel healed,” one viewer said after watching, Kingsbury told Starnes. She heard from another viewer, “I’m choosing to hold onto my faith after watching that movie.” Others have already watched the motion picture up to 10 times, she added.

Based on Kingsbury’s 2020 novel with the same title, the “Someone Like You” movie “is a redemptive love story about a man who loses his best friend but sets out on an impossible search for her secret twin sister,” Liberty University described.

“We worked with a local producer and local crew and some young filmmakers who are very talented,” Kingsbury told Starnes. “Everything that can go right, did … we were on time and on budget.”

The 60-year-old author-turned-producer put two million dollars from personal savings and investments toward “Someone Like You” with another 1.7 million dollars for digital advertisements and marketing.

“If we pay for it, we get to make the decisions,” the New York Times bestselling author added.

Kingsbury and her husband stayed close to God during the production process.

“We prayed every day. We asked God for wisdom,” she told Starnes. “The book that God puts on my heart, he puts it on my heart like a movie.”

Karen Kingsbury Productions” launched in 2022 with the goal of creating ”love stories and dramatic movies that are beautiful, redemptive, and unforgettable.”

The multimedia pundit noted that when she was writing the last page of the “Someone Like You” book she felt God telling her that the story will eventually become a movie.

“It’s such a win when somebody picks up a book … the message of hope, and redemption, and second chances comes in through the back door of the heart,” she told Starnes.

“The faith film community has really grown over the years,” Starnes chimed in.

“Someone Like You” currently has a Rotten Tomatoes movie “Audience Score” of 96%.



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