‘I’m Boxing Every Disney Movie I’ve Bought and I’m Sending it Back to Disney HQ,’ Caller Tells Todd Starnes

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A caller to the Todd Starnes Radio Show says that Disney is getting deluged with calls from angry customers. “Jeri Lynn from Georgia” told Todd that she’s planning to box up every piece of Disney merchandise and send it back to Disney headquarters.

TODD: All right, let’s get right to the phones. Gainesville, Georgia, WDUN, our great radio affiliate there. Let’s say hello to JerI Lynn. Hey, JerI Lynn, it’s been a while. Hope you’re doing good.


CALLER: [01:15:29] Oh hi, my sweet Todd. I just want to start off by telling you I absolutely love you and Grace. You know that. Todd, I’m calling because I had called yesterday to Disney and I wanted to speak to the CEO. And I told Grace earlier I got the girl – she sounded fairly young that I got on the line with. Super, super nice. But she told me that the CEO was not taking any phone calls, that they were getting slammed beyond belief with calls. And she told me, Todd, she said, “Miss Jeri Lynn, a lot of us here are not in agreement with this.” She said believe me, people are leaving. They’re not going to do it. She said, said, Are you leaving? She said, I am looking right now, she said, but I’ll tell you what going on. She said the CEO that is taking over Disney now has a transgender child, she said. And when I tell you child, I mean child. So I’m not going to give out any more info to you on that, but I’m talking small child and I said, okay, and I said, Well, I’ll tell you what I will say. She’s not going to take my call because I got plenty to say to her. I’m going, I need an address because I’m boxing every Disney movie I’ve ever purchased, every movie, every Disney character I’ve ever bought my kids and I’ve send it back to you so you can add it to the bowl of Froot Loops they handed it out to the transgenders down there. How about that? And while we’re on the subject, I will never, ever come back to your park again. And she said, I’m hearing it all day long, all day long.

Will you boycott Disney?

TODD: [01:17:13] Wow. I’m just impressed. You got through to Disney headquarters because they have, you know, it’s like, press one for this, press two for that.

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