JOHN RICH: ‘America is Not Immune to God’s Wrath’

Country music star John Rich debuted his brand new music project on The Todd Starnes Show this week. And he also delivered a warning to the country. Click here join Todd’s private Facebook group.

“America is not immune to God’s wrath,” Rich said. “I don’t think any country ever has been. And so as we see things unwind here in front of us, you really can’t control those things. They’re so big and so, so out of our control. The only thing you can really control is how tight you stick with God, how close you stay to His word and to him personally and ride this thing out.”

Rich’s new song, “Revelation,” imagines the Last Days. It is a powerful and jaw-dropping portrayal of events that unfold in the Book of Revelation.

Following, is a rush, partial transcript. Listen to the entire interview and John’s new song above in the podcast.  Click here to get my new best-selling book on how to save America from the Marxists.

TODD: [00:01:00] So I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker line. Always fun to have our good friend John Rich joining us, and we’re going to talk about his incredible new project coming out, which is just jaw dropping. John, hope you’re doing well today.

JOHN RICH: [00:01:14] Hey, I’m doing well, man. Good to join you.

TODD: [00:01:16] Look, I first of all, I got to tell you, I’m a big follower of your, your X feed, and, man, you are just you’re nailing it on what’s happening with Kamala Harris and the Democrats, Joe Biden. And I think it’s going to play out exactly how you say it’s going to play out.

JOHN RICH: [00:01:35] Well, no matter how it plays out, man, it’s a mess regardless. I mean, I think, a lot of my friends who are not conservative, you got to remember, I’m in the entertainment world, so a lot of my friends don’t agree with me that. They’re really upset that they had this great epiphany on the night of the debate that, holy cow, Joe Biden is in mental, serious mental decline. And that just goes to show you how how many lies they’ve been fed for how long. So a lot of people are waking up to a lot of things right now in this country.

TODD: [00:02:08] And that’s a great point. And a lot of people may not realize this, but the vast majority of the country, including a lot of folks who live, you know, I’m based in Memphis, Tennessee. So a lot of folks who literally live in the country still get their news from ABC, NBC, and CBS, by and large. And so I think a lot of people are finally waking up now and realizing, Holy cow, you know, this guy is just not there. And I think it’s eye opening for a lot of people around the country. John.

JOHN RICH: [00:02:37] Well, it reminds me of that verse that says, be sure your sins will find you out.

TODD: [00:02:41] That’s it.

JOHN RICH: [00:02:42] You know what I mean? You get that you can only cover it up for so long. And, you know, I would look forward to 20, 24 for several years, hoping this would be the year where the American public finally got to learn the truth about a lot of different things, not just Joe Biden, but many things. So I’m hoping this is just the first, revealing moment of many to come between now and the election.

TODD: [00:03:06] You know, I’m with you 1,000 percent. I was a couple of weeks ago, I was speaking down in Maury County, Tennessee, south of Nashville, and I’m driving around the town square, and I’m like, why does this look familiar? I had not been to Columbia. And then I realized, Holy cow, this is where Jason Aldean filmed his music video. And then I was watching your music video, which we’re about to talk about, and just some beautiful scenery. And I didn’t realize it was shot right here in Tennessee.

JOHN RICH: [00:03:33] Yeah, it was just shot just west of Nashville. In a little town called Kingston Springs, Tennessee. Found a 150 year old country church. And that’s where we shot the video.

TODD: [00:03:42] Wow. Just a beautiful church. And I want to talk about the song. The name of the song is revelation. And, I suspect many people who go to church no may know what you’re talking about, but tell us about the about the song.

JOHN RICH: [00:03:57] Well, several months back, you know, I was reading, had had the book opened reading it. And you run across the verse in Ephesians, it says, we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness of this world. And we’re always talking about Trump and Biden and left and right and all these things that we’re preoccupied speaking about. The real battle is not that the real battle is a spiritual battle that’s going on in this country. So when you read the book of Revelation, or you read Daniel, or you read Matthew 24, or you go to second Thessalonians two, what Paul was talking about it about the end times throughout history, for thousands of years, preachers really did not know, nor did just regular folks reading. They really couldn’t make sense of how a lot of the prophecies were even possible to come true. But with the with the furtherance of technology, for instance, things like the Mark of the Beast. How is it possible that every human on the earth would have to have the mark of this beast to be able to buy or sell? How could you keep your eyes on every human being on the planet? Well, up until recently that was impossible. So with the advancements of technology, the way we see things going in this world, I believe that all the things that have been prophesied about in the book of Revelation are now possible to happen. And that struck me really hard one day, and I picked up a guitar, and in about an hour this song was written. Revelation. To my knowledge, there’s never been another song written on this subject and definitely not put forward this way. And I know you’ve had a chance to see that video. I mean, the video portrays the devil coming through a portal in the woods of fire outside of this country church. And on the other side, here comes Michael the Archangel, coming straight down from heaven. And they meet in the middle with me, standing between them. And to me, that that is the real image of what we’re actually looking at in the world today.

TODD: [00:05:57] John, your team sent this to me and I didn’t get any advance info. They just said, watch this. And so I’m thinking this beautiful little white country church, I like all this is going to be a and then all of a sudden, Holy crap. John Rich, what is going on? I mean, it’s just so powerful, and I have to I just have to brag on the people that put this together, because this is this is something that you would go to the movie theater and see.

JOHN RICH: [00:06:22] Yeah, it is beyond anything I’ve ever shot in a music video. But I’ll tell you this. When I wrote the song, I don’t even feel like I was not inspired to write it. Meaning I didn’t sit around thinking, you know what? I did write a song about the Book of Revelation never crossed my mind. But out of nowhere, and I’m sure you’ve had this experience and folks listening have had it where God just literally slams something into your mind. You can’t get away from it. There it is. That’s what this song was. It was written in under an hour. I wrote it by myself and a quiet spot at my house, and I’m walking around my house listening to this little recording I just made. And I look up at the sky and out the window, and I said, what do you want me to do with this? And he reached back out and the feeling I had was, John, take it as far as you can possibly take it, meaning the audio recording, the video, the way you talk about it, do not back up off of what this song is saying. And so that’s what I did, and that’s why it looks like that. That’s why it sounds like that. And, I really hope that this song has some serious impact. It should give strength to saved people. It should bring conviction to lost people, and it should scare the absolute hell out of the truly wicked people in this world.

TODD: [00:07:38] Amen. And and you’re so right. This really is. You know, what we’re facing as a country is not a political problem. We are dealing with spiritual warfare in this country right now. And I think even Ronald Reagan, back in the in the 1960s when we were fighting the Communist, you know, he framed it as as good versus evil. And, you know, if we don’t get back to the church, you know, I really fear for what’s going to happen in this country.

JOHN RICH: [00:08:05] Yeah, I think America is not immune to God’s wrath. I don’t think any country ever has been. And so as we see things unwind here in front of us, you really can’t control those things. They’re so big and so, so out of our control. The only thing you can really control is how tight you stick with God, how close you stay to His word and to him personally and ride this thing out. I remind people all the time. Noah was not raptured out of the flood. Noah was told to build a boat and he listened and he built it. And he got mocked incessantly every single day. He was building that boat for a very long period of time. And then here comes the rain. And Noah and his family were saved. And I think that that has been been God’s M.O. since the beginning. You can find story after story about how he tells his people what they need to do to get through the next level of things in this earth, and I believe that’s where we are today.

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