LOL! Stacey Abrams Cast as ‘President’ of Earth in Star Trek

Stacey Abrams, who has yet to concede the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race, has reached new levels of fictional fantasy as “president of the United Earth” in the season 4 finale of “Star Trek: Discovery.”

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Last year, Abrams said she “absolutely” hopes to serve as president of the United States one day, but as of Thursday, she’s already served out of this world — at least, on the big screen.

Watch it for yourself:

Former President Trump told the Todd Starnes Show last month that David Perdue is going to beat Abrams for governor after the infamous now-deleted tweet of a photo showing her unmasked in front of a classroom of masked children.

BUSTED! Unmasked Stacey Abrams DELETES Photo Showing Herself Surrounded by Masked Children

Will Stacey Abrams be the next governor of Georgia?