Meghan McCain Pitches Hissy Fit, Calls MAGA Conservatives Neanderthals

Meghan McCain, best known for being the offspring of the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and the wife of blogger Ben Domenech, pitched a hissy fit and blocked yours truly on social media.

Mrs. Domenech on Saturday rebuked Kari Lake, the television reporter turned politician, who recently won the Republican nomination for governor in Arizona.

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Lake, who had the endorsement of former President Trump, campaigned against political allies of the late senator.

“We drove a stake through the heart of the McCain machine,” Lake told a cheering crowd at CPAC in Dallas.

In response, Mrs. Domenech posted a scathing rebuke on her Twitter account.

Did John McCain betray Republican voters?

“Helluva strategy to win over the majority voting block of Arizona independents in a general election,” McCain wrote.

Now, that’s a fair political analysis. Now is the time to unite Republicans in Arizona — Conservatives and RINO’s. A united front is the only thing that will stop the Democrats.


But Mrs. Domenech went a step further and did exactly what she had just accused Lake of doing.

“I know she thinks she’s governor already but you have to win over more people than just CPAC maga Neanderthals to actually win a general,” she snarled.

Those so-called CPAC MAGA Neanderthals are the base of the party and many of them donated money and time and resources to try and get her father elected to the White House.

I’m not surprised that Mrs. Domenech inherited her father’s ill-tempered disdain for conservatives. Her daddy once called evangelical Christians “agents of intolerance.”

And we all remember how McCain and his leftwing political hacks threw Sarah Palin under the campaign bus during that dumpster fire of a presidential race in 2008.

By the way, those “agents of intolerance” turned out in force and prevented McCain from going down in history as losing in the greatest landslide in modern political history. That designation still belongs to Walter Mondale.

Now, I know some of you Establishment folks just got your Brooks Brothers Chinos in a twist over the allegation that McCain’s campaign staffers were to the left of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Consider Exhibit A:

Former McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt is a founding member of The Lincoln Project. He was also a political analyst for MSDNC.

Consider Exhibit B:

Nicolle Wallace was a former senior campaign adviser to the late senator and she was personally responsible for bludgeoning Palin the back with a political knife. She is now a host on MSDNC.

But the reason Mrs. Domenech blocked me was because I reminded the nation about her daddy’s most egregious political sin — he betrayed every Republican voter in the nation.

McCain had the power in his hands to kill Obamacare — one of the greatest scourges on our nation. With cameras rolling, McCain dramatically threw his arm in the air and voted thumbs down.

I simply asked Mrs. Domenech to explain her daddy’s political strategy in betraying Republican voters. It was a fair question. For that, I was blocked.

How politically courageous and expedient. I reckon she got that from her daddy, too.

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