WATCH: Joy Behar Face Plants on ‘The View’

“The View” co-host Joy Behar took a hard tumble to the floor in front of the live audience Thursday.

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The 79-year-old comedian apparently missed a step as the masked audience kept cheering.

“Just stop. Just stand,” Whoopi Goldberg can be heard saying to Behar who landed on her side.

When Behar got back up the audience clapped for her as a crew member rushed over to help her to her seat.


Behar, who called herself a “klutz,” did not suffer serious injury, the New York Post reports.

“Twenty-five years, that has never happened — who do I sue?!” Behar joked, before turning serious.

“The main thing — just to talk seriously — when Bob Saget fell, he died,” Behar added. “If you hit your head, and you feel dizzy or you have blurred vision, or you feel like you want to go to sleep, go to the doctor. Because that will kill you.”