Why Are Disney Children Celebrating ‘Satan’ in Christmas Show?

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Disney’s newest Christmas series featured a gag that caused many parents to gag.

“Santa Clauses” is facing backlash over a scene that depicts children holding signs reading, “We love you, Satan.”

Defenders say it’s just a comedic scene. The children were supposed to spell out, “We love you, Santa.”

Has Disney Gone Woke?

Get it? Satan? Santa?

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But many parents aren’t buying the joke are ready to give “The Santa Clauses” re-boot – the boot.

“This is the world we live in right now and it’s very sad and disappointing. Be cautious about what you’re letting your kids watch,” one mom wrote on Facebook. “I am not one to nitpick shows because I know they have corny jokes in pretty much all shows, but to me, this is not a joke when you have a bunch of kids (elves) holding signs that say ‘we love you Satan’ because they’ misspelled it.'”

“Indoctrinating your kids,” is how one viewer described the scene. “I’ve considered canceling my Disney plus subscription a few times but I think this may be the reason I needed.”

Another parent wrote, “This is sickening and absolutely disgusting that our children are being exposed to things like this. In the movie they play it off like the children ‘didn’t spell Santa correctly!’ I will definitely not be watching any of these anymore nor will my child.”

Parental outrage is understandable — seeing how Disney has an affinity for the Prince of Darkness.

You might remember the outrage over “Little Demon” – an animated comedy series about Satan and the Antichrist. It was created by a company that’s owned by Disney.

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