‘WOKE Music Awards’: ‘Queer Kids,’ Alleged Oppression, and Hate for Clarence Thomas

The Hollywood elite at the MTV Video Music Awards turned the show into the “Woke Music Awards,” national radio host Todd Starnes said Monday.

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Former Disney Channel star Dove Cameron used her platform to encourage all the “queer kids” watching to “inhabit the fullness of who they are.”

Cameron starred in the popular show “Liv and Maddie” which Disney aired for four seasons.

Has Hollywood become a part of the radical left?

After winning Best New Artist on Sunday, Cameron used her acceptance speech to thank her fans for supporting her “overtly queer” song “Boyfriend.”

“This is so wild to be up here with so many artists that I worship,” Cameron told the crowd. “These are some of my all-time favorite artists up here. This year has been so wild and I have no explanation for it, except for that I have you guys to thank. I know that.”

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She continued, “I wanna dedicate this to all of the queer kids out there who don’t feel that they can take up space and inhabit the fullness of who they are. Thank you for getting an overtly queer song on to mainstream radio. Thank you for supporting me for the person and artist that I am. I hope in that way, you’ve also given that privilege to yourself.”

The artist came out as queer in 2021, per the Gay Times.

Starnes, the best-selling author of “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left from Killing a Nation,” had some questions.

“Why is she calling the song ‘boyfriend’ when she’s a lesbian unless she identifies as a boy but that would still make her a lesbian, right? I’m confused,” Starnes said.

Cameron was not the only star to get political during the awards show.

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Actor Billy Eichner used his time on stage to attack Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and promote a his new “gay rom-com.”

“We need to show all the homophobes like Clarence Thomas and all the homophobes on the Supreme Court that we want gay love stories and we support LGBTQ people, Eichner exclaimed among a cheering crowd.”

Eichner continued to accost opponents to the LGBTQ agenda as “in the past” while saying that his movie with an entirely LGBTQ cast is “the future.”

Further, self-proclaimed “body icon” artist Lizzo said that voting for woke artists is a way to help fight oppression.

“Your vote means everything to making a change in this country… when you’re voting for your favorite artist, vote to change some of these laws that are oppressing us,” Lizzo proclaimed from the stage.


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